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Antony Symons

International Friendship Sculpture Garden


CSU Bathurst 2005

Charles Sturt University
Bathurst Campus (2005)


Antony Symons
Artist & Sculptor
World GAIA Friendship Sculpture Garden, New Street
02 6355 6297 (international +61 2 6355 6297)
0475456875 (international +61 475456875)

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Miscellaneous Information:

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Where necessary, Antony will pass on contact details for Diane O'Donovan who assists with liaison for upcoming exhibitions of the artist's work. (She is the author of the current* home-page article and the web-site article 'Symon's Birds').

* as at 28/09/2014

World GAIA friendship sculpture garden

World GAIA friendship sculpture garden

Antony Symons the sculptor and proprietor defines the purpose of the ongoing project of his garden as being GAIA (ancient greek word for the Mother Earth Goddess) Friendship.

"A sculpture garden should strengthen the mind and the heart."

See some of Antony's works showcased in an environment transformed from bare hillside and 26 years in development.
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