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Antony Symons

International Friendship Sculpture Garden


CSU Bathurst 2005

Charles Sturt University
Bathurst Campus (2005)

sculpture garden

Symons established his drawing studio, home and his sculpture workshop and foundry in Rydal three decades ago. Almost immediately he envisioned the empty slope in the form of a sculpture garden, a place where works of nature and of art might interact in a garden which would itself be a work of art, and a bridge to the wider rural environment. He wanted to realise the idea that  "a sculpture garden should strengthen both mind and heart".


The garden is still developing, and is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5pm. Smaller groups of three or four are welcome without prior notice, but for a larger group it is best to make arrangements in advance.


The garden lies twenty minutes' drive from Lithgow and can be reached by the XPT train service (less than three hours from Sydney's Central Station). Local accommodation may be secured in advance if  a day-return is not practicable.




More from the sculpture garden can be seen in the gallery.




"Infinitely beautiful and fleeting ........."

Robert Grosche

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